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Imprinted Concrete Patios and Driveways in Warrington

At Creative Concrete, we believe pattern imprinted concrete to be the right choice for lasting, stylish and hardwearing installations. Imprinted concrete patios and driveways provide many benefits in comparison to other surfaces, such as flagstones and tarmac. Imprinted concrete is an affordable way of giving your Warrington home a full makeover.

Choosing the right type of surface for driveways, patios and pathways at your Warrington property can be tricky because there’s such a wide choice to choose from. In recent years, however, pattern imprinted concrete has emerged to become one of the most popular coverings amongst domestic and commercial customers in Warrington.

Imprinted concrete comes in many colours, styles and patterns to leave a finish which will complement the exteriors of all homes and commercial premises in the Warrington area. Pattern imprinted concrete is a versatile surface and makes a great choice for not just for customers, but also for installers because it is so consistent to work with.

When you ask us to create imprinted concrete patios and pathways, we work closely to your personal ideas on colours and finishes. Our company offers advice on how to get the most from your chosen design. With so many colours, patterns and textures to choose from, imprinted concrete patios can be just as unique as our Warrington customers. Completely individual finishes can also be achieved on imprinted concrete driveways.

What is Imprinted Concrete?

Imprinted concrete is a mix of water, sand and cement combined with mixed aggregates to give the surface more durability. Our installers add the colour and texture of your choice to give imprinted concrete patios or driveways a unique finish. Once the mixture is set, we finish pattern imprinted concrete with an acrylic sealant to provide the ultimate protection.

Imprinted concrete is an eco-friendly surface that has very little impact on the environment. We take pride in our surroundings and limit the impact of our carbon footprint at every opportunity. Creative concrete even recycle waste derived from work at your Warrington property by taking it to approved transfer stations for sorting and processing.

Pattern imprinted concrete patios and driveways are a fantastic way of adding value to Warrington properties Call today to arrange a free, no-obligation quotation.

  • Durable and Hardwearing
  • Straightforward Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Quality Finish
  • Unique Colours and Patterns
  • Competitively Priced
  • No Weed or Plant Growth

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