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Creating Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Manchester

Creative Concrete firmly believe that modern pattern imprinted concrete patios, driveways and paving deliver more key advantages than traditional surfacing methods. You may wonder why this is but once we explain the process of how pattern imprinted concrete is installed, you should see why it has become the preferred surface of choice for many home and business owners in Manchester and the surrounding North West area.

A member of our team will talk through the imprinted concrete designs, colours and textures available to you and measure up the working surface. Once a design is agreed, we’ll arrange a date to start the job and ask the customer to remove garden furniture, vehicles and other objects from the existing surface. Once cleared, we excavate and prepare the ground ahead of the installation of imprinted concrete patios or driveways.

To achieve a well-compacted flat base at your Manchester home or business, we use the correct grade of aggregate to improve strength once the pattern imprinted concrete is laid. We’ll also make sure that all drainage requirements are dealt with in advance.

Once the preparation work has been completed, one of our team will consult you to make sure that the layout of the prepared area at your Manchester property is what you had in mind. Subject to weather conditions, pattern imprinted concrete will be laid the next day. Should there be any delay because of bad weather conditions, we’ll leave the site clean and tidy so as to cause as little disruption to you and your family as possible.

Producing the Imprinted Concrete Surface

Once we arrive back on your Manchester property, we’ll prepare the area and put up wall protection ahead of the arrival of the concrete mix. The concrete is poured quickly, using a pump or wheelbarrows to reach inaccessible areas. It is then spread and levelled evenly throughout the entire area to be paved before being tamped ahead of imprinting.

The concrete is coloured with the chosen pigment as the imprinted concrete surface starts to take shape. We make sure the surface isn’t left with any low patches and that the correct consistency is achieved before closing the surface using a large trowel.

A release agent is then applied to the wet, soft and coloured concrete which prevents the imprinting mats, which create the texture, from sticking to the surface.

This will ensure that the pattern you’ve chosen for your imprinted concrete design will have a clean and crisp impression at your Manchester property. Once the concrete is imprinted, the site is cleaned and tidied. This is as much as we can do until the concrete has cured.

When the concrete is firm enough, we will wash the release agent off to stop dried powder from blowing around your home or business in Manchester.

All imprinted concrete patios and driveways are installed this way and the processes we use are proven to be the most cost-effective way to install such a high-standard surface. To remove all traces of the release agent, a diluted acid wash is further applied. Stains and contaminants are eliminated before we clean the surface with a pressure washer.

Once the pattern imprinted concrete surface has been fully cleaned, the new installation at your Manchester property is left to dry before sealing. In the summer, the sealant can be applied on the same day as the washing-off process but in most cases, we usually allow a day for the job to be finished completely. We only use high-end acrylic sealants.

Once sealing is complete, the pattern imprinted concrete surface is ready to use.

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