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Imprinted Concrete in Manchester, Liverpool & the North West

- The North West 's premier imprinted concrete driveway specialist -

Welcome to the website of Creative Concrete. We are Manchester-based pattern imprinted concrete specialists covering Liverpool, Stockport, Warrington and the North West of England. Imprinted concrete patios, driveways and pathways are our forte. Our installation team uses the best available colours, prints and sealants to produce a stunning finish.


Pattern imprinted concrete is an innovative method where freshly poured ready-mixed concrete is used to reproduce the appearance and texture of stone, cobbles, slate, brick and many other surfaces. This gives your Manchester, Liverpool, Stockport or Warrington property a unique, personalised look. Imprinted concrete is sustainable, eco-friendly and one of the most popular surfaces used for constructing patios and driveways today.


Imprinted concrete patios and driveways use a mix of sand, cement, aggregates and water. Once laid and levelled, we add the texture and colour to leave a stylish finished surface. The beauty of pattern imprinted concrete is as much about aesthetics as it is about durability.


Also, pattern imprinted concrete is a low-cost alternative to authentic materials such as brick, slate or stone and it lasts just as long, if not longer, than the real thing.

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Unique Patios and Driveways in Greater Manchester and Liverpool


Imprinted concrete is poured onsite at projects in Liverpool, Manchester, Stockport, Warrington and the North West using a special formula which delivers a durable, eye-catching surface. To create the finish, we mix in additives to create imprinted concrete patios, pathways and driveways with the colour and texture you have requested.


Our hassle-free pattern imprinted concrete process is designed to provide customers with minimum disruption. It produces a weed-free and stain-resistant finished surface so there’s never any need to ever worry about fading colours or contamination from dirt, oil or similar substances. Imprinted concrete is low-maintenance and will sink to become uneven.


If you would like any additions to pattern imprinted concrete patios or driveways, such as cobble imprinted concrete circles, steps or integrated manhole covers, these can be included in your quotation. Our services fully insured, guaranteed and affordable.


Commercial Services in the North West from Creative Concrete


While much of our work is undertaken for the domestic sector, Creative Concrete also provide services for commercial clients in Manchester, Liverpool and the North West. Pattern imprinted concrete installations are available but we also use concrete screeding and power floating techniques. These are perfect for industrial flooring applications.


Concrete screeding differs from concrete because it uses a finer mix with less aggregates and this results in a smoother, more level surface. Power floating makes use of specialist tooling and carefully-selected materials to leave a smooth flooring surface with enough resilience to withstand high volumes of foot traffic in any domestic or commercial setting.


As a testament to our commercial and industrial services, Creative Concrete have recently been awarded the contract for installations with McDonalds at their drive-thru outlets.


• Imprinted Concrete Patios and Driveways

• Work Complies with Building Regulations

• Maintenance-Free Imprinted Concrete

• Fully Washed and Cleaned after Installation

• Any Colour and  Design Possible

• Fully Protected with Acrylic Sealant

• Environmentally-Friendly Surface

• Free Quotations without Obligation

• 10 Years of Imprinted Concrete Experience

• Covering Manchester and Liverpool

• Also Operating in Stockport, Warrington and the North West

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Prices start from £55 per square metre including:


•   Any print of your choice

•   Brick imprinted borders and edges

•   Any colour of your choice

•   Full seal on completion

•   Existing area excavated and cleared

•   Hardcore base laid and compressed

•   Edgings to front of driveway (if needed)

•   Fibred concrete laid

•   Expansion joints every 3 square metres

•   Surrounding area power washed (keep neighbours happy)

We also provide a range of extras:


•   Cobble Imprinted circles from £75.00

•   KL Steps from £50.00

•   ACO drainage from £20.00 per metre

•   Integrated manhole £75.00

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Call 0800 195 0876 to arrange a pattern imprinted concrete installation at your Manchester, Liverpool, Stockport, Warrington or North West property.

We are proud Sponsors of a local children’s football team the Walshaw Wizards...

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